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Since life as we know it has been turned on it’s head and with this hiatus in our usual timetable of events we've made a decision “to go left” and hopefully it will have a good impact on the business. So with time we're going to do some development regarding some of the software that we use and some of the new equipment we have, so that when we all emerge PurpleBox will be able to provide a better service to all our clients.

Since we published the above statement, life has once again moved on and we are back out in the world working, at a 2 meter distance with face masks but we are back working.  We have taken up the challenge of live streaming a selection of events from around Dumfries & Galloway.  Follow us on social media to see what we've been up to and if you are looking for support for your event or service please get in touch.


We have a variety of production equipment to record, transmit and display images in a variety of situations.

Audio Visual

For live events / conferences / concerts / awards ceremonies we can provide live cameras, vision mixing and live streaming.


We have now an archive of video material that we have produced for organisations and groups on our dedicated archive channel.


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