Finding Albert

We have worked with the band Finding Albert for a number of years producing their music videos and the visuals for their live shows.

Back to Rome – Music Video


















Our first request from the band was to work with them to create a music video for their first song release from the first album.  I was given two tracks but collectively finally chose Back to Rome as the one we’d work on.  I’d asked the band for a list of musicians that inspired them and used this as our starting point.  We came up with the idea of creating an 8m circular dolly track that we could put the whole band inside of and the move round them smoothly.  We shot in an old factory warehouse in March and could only begin filming at 8pm at night when the sun had gone down enough as the factory had windows in its roof.  We began with individuals, filming each member twice playing along to a master track and twice with the track slowed down.  Out of the two times once the camera was moving on the track and once it was still.  The last shot of the night was at 4am and it was of the whole band playing.  I had over 50 individual takes to work with for the video and used academy framing to bring the picture down and centre the band to the screen.  The split screen and line where used to switch between the band members and the track speeds.

We learned a great deal from this video and enjoyed working with the band for a number of years on further music videos and their live shows.

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