Moat Brae – The Peter Pan Trust

Enchanted Garden Jan 2016

This was a 13 min animation based on a quote from JM Barrie about the garden at Moat Brae as the inspiration behind Peter Pan.  It was played for 45 mins at the beginning of the Big Burns Supper Carnival Parade in January and projected onto the front of the building.  The animation consisted of a hand writing sections of the quote, a growing enchanted garden and the pirate ship heading off into a sunset.  This was a challenge for us as we had only 3 weeks in which to create the animation and technically calculate how we where going to achieve the  projections as the carnival started during daylight hours.  In the end we used 3 projectors in tandem to produce a 12,000 lumen output along with a specially designed sound track played along side the video.











House of Imagination – 12th August 2016

After the success of the Enchanted Garden building projection we where asked to create a series of video installations in the basement of Moat Brae for the launch of the Youth Forum to show the building in a different light and to see what could be done with the space available.  We created a living gallery, a view through a port hole and let you walk in a fairy tale garden.













Star Gazing for The Big Draw Event

15th October 2016

For one of the trusts events the theme of star gazing was used for

the Big Draw event in October and as it was a day time event we

where asked to bring the night sky into the building so we used a

computer program called Stellarium to create real-time star charts

on the walls of on the the rooms and let kids explore the galaxy.


The Christmas Story House at Moat Brae 10th & 11th December 2016

We where challenged to create a centre piece for Moat Brae’s Christmas event, which was going to be the last event before renovations began, so we decided to make a Christmas tree that would suspend from the middle of the building.  We also created a snowfall light backdrop for the music room and a Grinch TV frame to loop some animated films.

JMB Creatives - The Peter Pan Youth Forum at Theater Royal

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