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To Affinity and beyond...

I don’t do graphics or to put it another way I’m not very good at graphics. Not from scratch, I can jangle together something that usually does the job for what ever purpose (mostly DVD case covers) but nothing to get excited about. Over the years of creating my ‘graphics’ I have endured many, many frustrating hours pouring over various pieces of software that in the end just doesn’t do what I want in a way that seem straight forward.

Considering that I am a video editor by trade (even says it on my tax return) and I use complicated video editing programs, graphic design software leaves me out in the cold but as I promised myself when I have the time I would learn how to use it properly. Well the time is now and the first thing on my list was to actually fine some software that didn't cost the earth and that was relatively straight forward.

I decided that what I needed was both layout software and photo editing software and yes after a few weeks of searching and watching a lot of You Tube videos I have chosen the Affinity suite of software from Serif with the bonus is that it comes in 3 parts, each of which is sold separately so I can just buy the bits you want. So I am now the proud owner of Affinity Photo and Designer. I'm hoping to give myself some changes over the next couple of weeks that will help me learn the new software so be prepared to see some rather awful designs!

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