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live streaming& events

We have a great deal of experience providing audiovisual support to large events and award ceremonies including streaming services with live cameras, video cues and projections as well as event recording. For award ceremonies we can create short interviews with nominees to be shown prior to the awards and also capture interviews with the winners for future web promotions. Live video screens are always popular to give the best possible view to all who attend and the ability to produce a short video afterwards can be useful to promote your organisation.

We would not be bold enough to say “no event too large”. We do understand our own limits and what we are best at so we would not hesitate to recommend larger providers we know for any event beyond our ability.

Projections & Presentations

Another part of our business is providing video and projection installations for corporate events.  Projections can add that essential visual that you need for getting across your message or just making sure that your logo is visible for all to see.  We have a wide range of screens and projectors to fit all occasions and can provide installation and tech support for AV during events.

a Few examples of some of our past projects...
Wigtown book festival

We have worked on the Wigtown Book Festival for 3 years now providing projection and presentation equipment for several of the festival venues as well as technical support for the presenting authors. We make sure that any slides / videos or clips presenters wish to use will work smoothly throughout the festival.  We work to ensure that the live subtitling system from StageText works smoothly over the presentations during some of the main festival events.


In 2017 we provided a live camera feed for the appearance by Judy Murray OBE to help the  audience members further back in the venue.  This was a trial to see what impact and advantage it would have at future sold out events at the festival.

Scottish Bakers Association 
125th Anniversary ball

For the Scottish Bakers 125th Anniversary Ball we provided pre-event support creating graphics and animations. For the event we provided projection equipment, front of house video engineer and wireless HD camera technology. 


An identical projection was provided at both ends of the sizeable ballroom showing the award presentations and later on live video of the acts performing on the stage providing a great view of the event from wherever you were seated in the room.

One Art Please

During the development of Moat Brae the building found many uses and one was the end of year show of the HND/HNC  Art & Design group from Dumfries & Galloway Collect.  We where asked to technically  support the students as the building wasn't quite the 'white cubes' they expected to be displaying in.  

Purplebox Productions was also asked to provide an installation for a ‘dark space’ in Moat Brae during the event.

This installation consists of photo flash umbrellas and video projection and was an experiment (for us) in making video masks. Various pieces of video from our own archive, found and stock video clips are used to create the piece. The mask was digitally ‘painted’ onto the umbrellas using paint software some days ago then superimposed over the edited video track to remove the video from the surrounding walls.

Podcasts & Promos

We specialise in capturing short, high quality podcasts and promo videos to promote your events on the web. We can capture the essence of conferences, including conducting interviews and filming activities / breakout sessions and parts (or all) of keynote speeches. 

If you have a new initiative in your organisation we can help you produce a short video to promote the idea and let others know about it. 

We create many short videos to be shown at balls, charity events etc. showing the background to the event and why it is happening.

We have worked with NHS Education for Scotland on various occasions to produce video podcasts for educational purposes. We work with them to ensure they have covered all of the topics in their specification then produce final videos with transcriptions.

These podcasts can be anything from a 30 second introduction to a new project to a set of 40 minute lectures.

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